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Siddha, one of the oldest systems of medicine in India was originated in TamilNadu. It is practiced in Tamil speaking parts of India. The literature of Siddha is in Tamil. The Siddha System is unique and is therapeutic in nature. The treatment given is both for body and mind and thereby cures the root cause of the disease. Siddha medicine is preferred due to the affordable cost, easy availability and it’s non-toxicity. Like Ayurvedha, this system believes that all objects in the universe including human body are composed of five basic elements namely, earth, water, fire, air and sky.

Ayurvedha Courses

Ayurvedha, which means “Knowledge of Life” is much more than an alternative system of medicine. It is the science that suggests the ideal way to live, to have a lengthy and healthy existence. It is in fact a holistic system that considers health in a multidimensional perspective. One of the most important things in maintaining health is observation of systematic daily routine, especially in food habits and sleep. Also a well planned schedule of exercise. Ayurvedha details this under the head Disciplinary. Ayurvedha asks us to live life in accordance with seasons. Eat foods that suit the seasons and do therapies that are more effective in that particular climate. Personal hygiene is a must for good health. But Ayurvedha goes beyond that and says social and civic hygiene are equally important.

What is Acupuncture?

When man felt the need of relieving his maladies, the beginning of Medical system emerged worldwide. Humans possessed necessary knowledge to live in harmony with nature without disease. We can see, various methods of treatment, appropriate for people living in the diverse conditions of the world.

Our ancestors had the wisdom to lead a disease free and peaceful life. They coexisted with the nature and used it for their purpose without violating natural laws. Natural resources where used by them without manipulating their basic characters. Thus, they utilized its full potential.

Every one of us seeks to lead a disease free life. Acupuncture is a life science that teaches us and shows the way to understand nature. Those people who followed acupuncture as a way of life or even thought it as a method of treatment lived a disease free life (e.g.: Chinese).

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing which pre-dates recorded history (approx. 6000 B.C.).

Acupuncture is clinically proved, to be a safe and a natural way to restore and maintain health.

It is sure that the wisdom of Acupuncture is the promise to the medical world.

Acupuncture in India

In 1980s, Acupuncture Doctors practice was scarce in India. In those periods, other system of medicines used it only for pain relief and as complementary. Acupuncture practitioners of those days did not know the diagnosing and treatment in Classical form, they practiced using more than ten needles, and with electric stimulator.

Dr. Siddiq Jamal and Dr. Fazlur Rahman both Allopathy doctors, called as “Dr. Brothers” started using Acupuncture for their treatment in 1984. The Acupuncture known worldwide and the Acupuncture practiced by the Dr. Brothers were entirely different. They used the Classical form of Acupuncture i.e. Pulse Diagnosis and single needle therapy and cured all kinds of diseases.

The Acupuncture revived its glory and developed with the advent of the Dr. Brothers a fact known to India. Acupuncture philosophies of China brought to use in India. A single needle placed on the skin cured thousands of diseases astonished medical world. This ‘Acupuncture revolution dreaded the Modern Medicine in India.

By treating more than 1.5 lakes patients, they proved that a single needle is enough to cure all disease in the world. They single-handedly rediscovered the system lost due to the impact of modern medicine. They have trained the Classical Acupuncture practitioners who are now practicing in TamilNadu.

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